On the appropriate continuation of the species according to “On the Origin of the Species”

Human life is uniquely positioned in Nature. Human life is uniquely positioned in the hierarchy of life on the planet. Human life is uniquely positioned under the divine. Human life is equally valuable to Nature as any other form of life . . . the same as with individual and groupings of humans according to human’s social divisions. The true purpose in the hoopla of life in this realm is not known by any of its constituents. What is certain is that humanity, from the infinite prism that is their subjective perception of things, be it divine or reality or perceived reality according to their varying experiences accompanied by the meaninglessness brought about the truth of a certain immeasurable amount of conditioning as a display of a lack of real autonomy, is all part of an interconnected weaving of various life forms, and it’s fecundity varies, but nevertheless appears to have a significant purpose or meaning such that it is easily found over the life course of each and every organism—organism a term to which scientific materialism considers a separation of selves based on a certain physical nature to which individuality can thereby be created.

In elementary terms, science uses this word “organism” to describe life according to the beings and creatures for enhancing a particular description of reality, in furtherance of study and understanding. Thus, while this focus on the physical uses what it presumes to be sound logical reasoning to make sense of it. The supposedly objective science fails, as does any attempt to maintain true objectivity, to study its subjects, whatever the “subject” may be. While the scientific method provides value toward enhancing understanding of the world and perhaps increasing humanity’s capacity for utilizing resources, preserving or further destroying nature, etc. (infinitesimal), it cannot help society predict the future, nor can it provide meaning to how we use it, nor ever understand subjective life. Most scientific fields in our global world are littered with people who lack the interpersonal, emotional, psychological depth that people who perhaps even work in the illicit sex trade may have, but certainly those in fields of music or literature or other forms of art. How in the world are those people on the “forefront of progress” supposed to rationally decide the use of their electric powers, from genetic morphing to geographical monitoring and manipulation to organic chemistry in agribusiness, in a world where they don’t even understand the souls of the people whose bodies they pretend to concern themselves with from a distant and detached standpoint? Particularly when their brains are conditioned early on about the concept of an “organism”…a separately divided thing, that in humans and other creatures as well is conquered by a metaphysical and indescribable force aptly (only for this writing but never in reality) termed individualization.

As a reader, it perhaps seems confusing or maybe you are bothered by what you are reading. Could “I” the writer be creating a dichotomy between rational science and something spiritual? Contrarily, if that were so, it would be psuedo-dichotomy. You see, the world implements words and people use them. People interpret them. While words have universal meaning, the meaning of a speaker of words is not universal, it is personal…sometimes incredibly deep. Existentially deep. My experience of this world as a human being has been tedious for this reason. I, after my laborious and painstaking journey through the social world, have been utterly denied felicity. That is to say, I cannot flow as a being with creatures who share any sense of congruence with my true identity on this earth. I blame globalization indirectly, and this is my speech. But existentially, inside, I blame you. You and your world have torn me apart, and all I did was follow the paths that you laid out for me and expected me to follow. These are the reasons why wars are fought. Wars have been fought before my very eyes and they don’t need guns and bombs . . . in fact, it has come to my awareness that the imagery of war as exclusively of this sort is a hoax, a conditioning to think the world is a pacified place absent tanks and dark green attire. Wars are psychological, maintaining a sense of self and place in the world while manipulating others, destroying their versions of reality when it doesn’t contribute to one’s own sense of reality or furtherance of one’s own sense of purpose whatever it may be. These purposes can be shared, though few of the deepest one’s are shared, cultural norms.

Culture. Meaning, shared. Ways of being…shared ways. Morals? Maybe. Common understanding of relations between genders. Share symbology. Shared purposes. Shared emotions.

Shared science. Science can be a dangerous thing. Modern human rights are founded on so-called “atrocities” in the name of science. Moral, perhaps, but not objective.

Darwin’s theory on evolution, his “survival of the fittest” interpretation of nature evoked it. Precisely what happens when certain new ideas are introduced into human societies. They are difficult for the world to make sense of, they suck up their psyches that once were at a sense of equilibrium and disrupt them and the people try to sort out the nuance of what’s what, where they stand on issues, marking the eternal loss of their identity.

I’ll never forget when a member of the opposite sex who resided in another country, world’s apart from mine, told me that human’s just need to evolve . . to adapt, to anything, to everything. Initially disturbed, shockingly so, I tried to make sense of whether this person had any sense of genuine decency inside. She was educated, highly so, and knew much about science, biology, chemistry, etc. Yet, her statement entered a conversation where I desperately tried to romantically woo her. Not only would she not be swayed to join someone in a romantic union despite my sincerity, honesty, desire to do so, promise of loyalty, and even position in a wealthier, more stable political economy, all of these things to which she was aware, but she used terminology of evolution to shut me down. You see, she is devoid of human compassion, of romanticism, of putting human ontology above human science. She equates evolution with human decision-making, internally, failing to realize the tremendously long time-frame that real biological and genetic level evolution really takes place.

While every decision inside every soul matters and will have biological impacts on the eternity of existence on earth to follow, it is far from the only plane of existence. It would have been so special, sacred, to me for her to have just been willing to put ME above her books, above her limited worldview stemming from them and committing her to intellectualism and academia. I pray to a God that I don’t even know for sure exists outside my own pineal gland that something touches her heart as she grows and learns to decide how to use science for the betterment of the world. More so, I pray to God to forgive her for any mistakes she makes with the worldly authority she will be given . . . as I know she will achieve great heights for her relentless commitment to things that will be shown in plaques on her walls with metallic stickers (medallions of success) and calligraphy and signatures of other powerful people. In my loneliness, I will pray.

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