Understand that the freedom of speech endowed to it’s citizens by the Constitutional Government is generally interpreted in a manner to give wide discretion to persons speaking about sensitive matters if done so in a manner not to create problems (such as promoting violence). Thus, while the rights to discuss religious matters are free, it is not the intention herein to cause distress or express hatred…particularly at people (certain ideas or ways are considered fair game and defense or counter-attack is welcomed). However, the nature of such an abstract topic (religion being metaphysical, therefore obscure) that touches on matters as to human existence, reasons for living, the purpose of life, meaning of and within life and death, human origins and ancestry, as well as morality in a plethora of areas from laws, treatment of animals and the environment, and economics, makes this topic extremely sensitive to some people. As such, it is highly encouraged to do research when something within here is bothersome and/or enlightening to you, the reader.

The information contained herein and upon which the statements are based are all within the public domain and are intended to based entirely on truth and reality…although it does contain miniscule levels of bias in forms that may or may not be clear. The author is a unique individual in the world, who doesn’t really adhere to social norms of any particular grouping or categorization of people, yet has adopted many beliefs and attributes from the experience of life, intellectual as well as interpersonal. Please see the anonymous autobiography of the author and reason for the creation of this website to further understand. The works contributing to the synthesis of ideas that make this site possible are bountiful. That being said, it is a genuine hope and wish that humanity finds great harmony, as individuals and collectively, whatever this intricate game of life is all about.

Rantangent considers the world to function in interconnected ways no person or entity understands, presenting ideas in sincere esoteric truth on the genuinely held belief that the assertions are connected to universal truth. The ideas presented in rantangent may be dangerous, the effects of which have not been tested since they are nearly impossible to test. Maybe they aren’t dangerous, who the fuck knows. All we know for sure is ideas fly around bombarding us like meteor showers. Please consult a doctor, psychiatrist, parent, friend, grandparent, drug dealer, local business person, rock star, occultist, pharmacist, oracle, Sage, alien, tome reader, medium, priest, or deity if you experience existential oblivion as a result of rantangents expositions.

Rantangent can be held responsible for confusing the mind but the true source of the confusion is the state of the world. By responsible, we don’t mean legally liable, since the legal world is based on faulty and inferior metaphysics anyways. It would be fun to debate the metaphysical realities of any suffering in a defense trial, however…So please sue me. I hope we can be friends after you win all my money and I accept minimum wage to essentially function as your personal servant. Have a nice life.

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