Ever-growing & Updated whenever the rankings change, this list establishes the greatest rantangents in the public sphere.

#1 House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s 8+ hour Rantangent

Anger, disdain, ferocious, rhetorical…but who cares about these. Rambling, grievance tirade, vitriolic, drawn-out, divisive and off-on-tangents! Now that’s the good stuff! That’s how real honesty is portrayed in a world full of billions of people each with billions of opinions-based-in-self-righteousness-despite-being-plain-wrong. Snickers, sneers, head-, pit-, and butt-scratch inducing, the rant is deeply aligned with the spirit of what all humanity needs more than anything, to rantangent! Politics schmallittlekids, creating an atmosphere of truth and realism, who can honestly say he lied about anything? If scientists and engineers put an EKG and lie detector combo-measuring machine together, it would find nothing but a perfect metronome if the printer was redesigned to reach a scale that high.

Shifting from a plane of the-impossible-reality that is shared political idealism among a larger-than-possible-to-obtain-any-sense-of-cohesiveness, McCarthy gracefully ascended on to carrots and swim meets after World War II, China, Hitler, Thanksgiving, and Elon Musk. What an empassioned public display of the randomness of true psyche with which all of our minds work as we try to gain a sense of reality in an ever-changing world! Finally admitting that he “didn’t think he could last this long,” Kevin McCarthy becomes Rantangent’s top list Rantangenter for rambling, raving, grumbling and groveling only the way a sincere and intelligent human being can in this absurd and delusional world being made sense of by random people forming twisted realities that dominate narratives of their surrounding community who most likely disagree if they even have any resemblance of the same internal thought patterns. Duhhhh. Rantangent on, Kev-meister McCarthy-maestro!

To the other members of Congress: admit it, your nuts and the entire political system is a shit show and the earth is a century-circus and your the clowns. Democrats can’t dance and they still have Phil Collins “I can’t dance” on CD in the car they kept from college and is rusting at their parents house in western Maryland. To honestly rationalize your existence as somehow worthy of honor, credibility, or legitimacy because of being “elected” to a seat in “congress” in an obviously cracked and otherwise imbecilic out-dated government that has zero chance of lasting another century and knowing that you are pretty much helpless to change anything from within it is pretty pathetic.

Average Americans will understand the context of what you all do sooner or later and new form of government will replace this one, or else a sectarian society will render government nearly useless and the perpetual money-printing-as-a-means-of-social-control will have run the gamut of government sorcery. Progressives don’t know what their doing and what it is won’t be good for anybody…conservatives know what their doing and it will only be good for a third or so of the nation. Best of luck with aaaaall that!

If you pricks really want to save the world, rantangent!

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