Tangerant on Free speech, English, Babel, Janet Yellen, the American Downfall

Words. We didn’t make them up, but we can be judged for how we use them, even be outcast into poverty. English is a pretty good language, though, with a massive number of words and lots of exceptions to rules so as to make speaking, even improperly, sufficient for full expression. I mean, I think it would be pretty cool if we could speak wingdings. The Chinese kinda do, and I suppose the Greek letter for “d” looks like a pyramid, which is cool…ya know?

Still, the question remains, why the heck did Americans surrender their right to speak their own language after winning a war against the English? What the hell was even that?!

So, who the hell made up all the words? And who gets to decide what proper English is?

It’s gotta be tough to predict how the language of the world will change as so many cultures and ethnicities morph into the great single people. I mean, the global financial world (reality as an utterly distorted interpretation of Adam Smith’s vision) is by no means a true utopia. A pretend multi-ethnic global world order dominated by the absurdity of endless economic growth without any regard for the actual meaningfulness of existence stolen from future generations before they even arrive, is all really just a disguise for the worship of money, which is why people all over the world sell out their lives and claim they aim for a better life. They want material needs met, and its easier to latch on to a bigger system than to unite with their actual counterparts to build it. Hence, in submission to an a priori dominant currency, stems the learning of English, the universalized language.

…Actually, the most universal language is not a form of speech or writing. It’s a thing we call money. Like fiction writing, the narratives are endless, which is how the debt ceiling can increase infinitely with a bunch of delusional human bodies encapsulating demons of widespread destruction will never vote to default and act responsibly. To place the hope of the future of humanity in a universal financial currency is to set the stage for many tables to be overturned.

In fact, the evidence of money as the universal language is replete to the point where it has, by lure, force, or the simple presumption of propriety, completely universalized itself among the entirety of the human world. Completely losing their sight of truth, entrapped, the world’s people are playing the largest game of pretend in a long time. Since one of the only cultures that also collectively and entirely worshipped a single thing, a place called Babylon, and whose ability to communicate with one another properly and realistically, the source of their worship was insignificant and incapable of saving them, and they died or otherwise suffered severely.

That is to say, America’s “free speech” clause from the Constitution is nothing without a higher source of Authority ensuring people mind their words and speak as though their words are heard by everyone, everywhere.

The nation is a mere set of lines on open land, drawn up by people, with certain beliefs that have been institutionalized, codified, and developed a sense of ever-changing normalcy. The idea of a better life is a psuedo-nym for making money. Congress is caught in a down-spiral they have no power over. I retain the power to stop it up until contact with the ground, and they have one possible help avoiding disaster through one other method.

Show me a nation who embraces their poverty and one another, and I, a stupid asshole from the bottom of my law school class and tennis player who couldn’t make a nickel on the tour, will build up an empire the likes of which America hasn’t fathomed. I simply haven’t found one. I have found billions upon billions of people who will be very easy to destroy.

Yellen, herself, said its a currency built on hope and trust in one another and belief in the national system. And while she knows the truth, sharing it with the people publicly, they barely understand. She probably deserves her position, wise and educated in finance, and apparent sincerity in her love for the nation. A nation full of people who see her name every day and never read it nor know who she is.

This is part of the reason why the efforts of people, even good or great people, cannot stop what is inevitably going to be the downfall of the nation. There is massive detachment from reality, massive self-centeredness built into the system, and lack of understanding of where humanity is even at. Like flies to the light, immigrants will suffer not for seeking a better life but for unknowingly coming into a nation on the idea of improving their own material conditions, burdening the land and people who inhabited it. They don’t come as a culture or group, they come in droves as individuals and some as families. In all honesty, can someone say that immigration is taking place as part of the construction of an even greater and more powerful nation, or is it more like an equilibrium shift between bad conditions and slightly better conditions?

The answer is simple, there is no plan. There is no vision of the future, there is no attempt at integration or assimilation standards…just tossing money around like its a strip club in a bull market. As a citizen, I’m expected to surrender my concern for my long-term lineage…can any of the people making policy on my behalf as a citizen say that there aren’t a lot of immigrants who come here fully concerned with their own long-term genetic future? I guarantee you that the government that rules over me has places my lineage far behind that of people from foreign nations who have many children in unstable conditions. They will all face the consequences of such actions.

Living illusory games like moving capital around on whims and to maintain social status among cronies is not only destined to fall eventually, its going to be that much more incomprehensibly psychically traumatizing, for failing to realize the full extent of the damage caused contrary to the purpose by which the honor of the positions they are in were given. Welcome to America.


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