Sound is the voice of the gods…and it influences the psyche/s in unknowable ways…for eternity.

People can’t stand the literal, that’s why so many hate the truths about their own world that they want to exist in without thought, only self-assured bliss. Music that precisely portrays identical concepts discussed in written, literal form on Rantangent are dismissed in the latter, worshipped in the former. Hence the following Rantangent to include the specific songs and general ideas they describe and their affiliated emotion in regards to the nature of whatever aspect of reality they address…get MeTube and Postify ready!!!

I wrote a letter to God this morning:

Dear God,

I don’t know if you realize how difficult it is to believe in you when all the people that you made in your image are fighting in the streets because (a) they can’t make their opinions about you meet; and (2) they can barely afford to eat and the poverty is just utterly distressing! If you could just write back, I’d appreciate it.

Sincerely, You know who…?

P.S. One more question, if you have time…did you make mankind after we made you?

Now I play the waiting game…

In the meantime, I’ll contemplate how my life would’ve been if I wasn’t such a night owl. My waking state is zombie-like cause I wouldn’t go to bed, and when I did, I just laid there listening to my iPod. Now I spend late nights getting what little is left of my individual personhood out by writing my blogs on rantangent. I might as well have been watching the whites of my eyes turn red, losing my religion while trying to make sense of the world. Interesting how people need to be themselves sometimes, away from The The world. Perhaps its something flawed with the world or the economy that we don’t actually feel fulfilled from it, and in order to feel connected to ourselves we have to burn the midnight oil and ultimately detract the energy we have left for these collectively organized institutions. They obviously aren’t organically manifested. Eventually, though, I end up feeling at peace once again, and get my REM sleep.

I know I’m not the only one, however. We’ve all been in rush hour, especially on a friday when the weekend finally arrives, and we partake in the stream of red ants marching into the night. None of these modern urbanites hope for a life where corn grows, they just get tired of the routine…wake up, brush teeth, bite to eat, get rolling and when the week ends we are stoked to be our truer to ourselves. It should be criminalized really, that antinomy itself is informally outlawed. Call the legislature and just tell them to codify it already! TAKE THESE CHANCES!

I suppose it doesn’t feel very freeing when on friday nigth all the lights seem to change from green to red, and you keep changing the radio station cause you got situations running through your head. I can promise, being stuck in the daily grind doesn’t make you a fool…tomorrow you can be free again and the lights will all be green and your bloodstream will be good again. It is a shame, however, that the law supports systems that negatively affect people’s biological chemistry. Nobody really knows about the law or what it is or why…its all a bit Gray. One thing we know for sure is its all just a bunch of humans making their own secular legalities…like Babylon.

Perfect time for someone to explain everything, like Rantangent. It’s all mixed up. It’s all mixed up. It’s all mixed up. Thats why I say, “just leave it to me” cause I can make sense of it all. It’s been months since I wrote a letter to God and haven’t heard back. Still I look to find a reason to believe. God knows I can’t live with somebody else. But I never think about myself. God makes it so easy to give, to the point I’m in dire straights.

Rantangent bout that walk of life. Kayslay and fam know bout bout it. That you gotta have that dedication, devotion…especially doin’ something new and unique, or trying to save a world full of humans playing their own incredible game of pretending they know how. What do all the people know?? I’m out here working so hard to say whats right on rantangent, but here I am all alone, trying to save the world through literature…interesting how Bible followers can’t stand me!

Don’t get me wrong, I know that after all the violence and double-talk, you gotta get back on the chain-gang and get some work done. In fact, you gotta work it harder better faster and stronger than before. Time to be a contender, not a pretender. That drug shit, shooting heroine in the back of cars, nah nah brah, make some music, make some money, make some models for wives, but don’t just take a random trip to paris to engage in narcotic use.

Taking a gander at the mirror and making a change needs to happen yesterday! We know already that to heal the world, it don’t matter if your black or white, those are givens…but we’re approaching the final countdown, ya dig. That’s why I did rantangent. I mean, I was losing it…I prophesied the end of it all, and its near. In worried piles I typed for Miles…YOU JUST STOOD THERE! Treating me like I’ve been kissed between the ears with human error.

Either help, or leave me here to my devices! I can’t think with all this noise! The world’s in a horribly tumultuous period because of globalization, and one can’t write or speak as much as type! YOU KEEP FUCKING UP MY LIFE! you keep fucking up my life! you keep fucking up my life! thanks globalization, for putting more humans in closer quarters with one another! Sorry if I feel a little Overwhelmed. I feel like a hybrid victim of a king and a serpent.

Its a thing that gets to me, you’ll never really see. But if you take my hand and come with me, we will change reality. I have a really good set of ideas on what its gonna take, and its far more than what Prince Willy suggested on EarthShot awards last night. It’s the animal instinct in me…life’s circumstances that taught me what’s coming…I’m not a permanent genius. Sometimes I think about giving it all up…I have nothing left to give. Holding on to what I think is sacred has left me feeling like maybe six feet down isn’t so bad. Hold me now.

I’m scared for the youth. The leaders of this world don’t really care about them, they’re just making plans for Nigel. That’s what happens when one generation rules the planet from the grave, not through mere legal instruments like trusts and wills, both of which are dependent upon governmental and financial institutions, but through computers, through conceptions, through dominating the consciousness in manners restricting of freedom. They must be happy, they must be happy, they must be happy. Forcing people to be happy and wondering why they aren’t is kinda strange, no? Not if they’re only making plans for Nigel.

Socio-economic constraint fucking sucks when people are innocent. I never took the smile away from anybody’s face, that’s a desperate way for look for someone who is still a child…I myself was still a child until one day when I wasn’t. That’s fucked. These issues aren’t a big deal for people who have been able to enjoy their subjective experience of life without significant interruption…but I have to share a country with that! In a big country, dreams stay with you, like a lover’s voice! Broken dreams, broken hearts, all I can say I’m still alive, and I can see the sun in wintertime.

Now, I know topics can be sensitive, but literature and explanation is the means…not the gun. I’m sick of taboo issues that are very real political issues being unaddressed when humanity should clearly be far enough along to deal like we’re civilized. It used to be. I know how it could’ve been if I’d only lied, but it’s too late to change events of delivering the proof. I know all the trouble I’ll get. But I won’t hush hush. I know more about who talks and what they say, their voices carry, and I will not be silenced.

Started when I was in the middle of law school and felt the energy of the evil one surrounding me, never again is what I swore. Now who wants to buy this diamond ring? It doesn’t mean what it did before, because the law destroyed marriage…the legal system views love like its an emotional, irrational, hindrance to its mechanical processes. I say to the law, to the lawyers, WHAT ABOUT LOVE? Don’t even every one of you want someone to care for you?

In a New York minute, everything can change, and anyone of the people on wall street won’t be there in the morning. Rantangent makes every effort to highlight the fragility of life, the nearness of death, and for specific urgency, the relationship between financial institutions as the predominate force over social cohesion as a false deity, because of what it has done, but more importantly, what it is about to do. I see the interconnectedness of our world and lives in ways almost impossible for people without backgrounds in social science…I could go into more detail but I digress for more emergent purposes. If we lose our autonomy to rigid AI systems or even institutions which we blindly give significant deference toward, we will never be able to recover. Elon Musk agrees. Social stratification made permanent by perpetuation of non-fleshly systems is the dead controlling the living in incomprehensible fashion.

Science tells us the brain is the source of intellect, the psalmists continue the Egyptian tradition which tells us it is the heart. What the head makes cloudy, the heart makes very clear. When life loses all meaning, there’s no point in showing up on Wall Street in the morning. Love matters more…more than anything. More than everything. God is love, and only God can save the world. In symbolic form, in metaphoric form, even in the literal. Until then, our lives are left to an unfortunate seemingly predetermined fate which is nothing more than societal stigmatic unliving systemic bureaucratic rule driven by false conceptions of the self. Some people go home to the ones they love, some go to the emergency room, and others go to jail. Faith means utter conviction that everything can change in a new york minute. That the speed of life in one part of the global world can spark life for the rest of the global ecosystem.

While searching for shower gel to cleanse the body, the unknown future leader of the free world could cross thy path all the while, at that very moment, the very same nation that enables such possibilities takes what its citizenry perceives as the single biggest blow to its existence since its inception.

To believe in the ways of magick is to, at the very least, acknowledge metaphysics as a viable and actual thing. A start for the faithless, a digression for the faithful. Why? Why not?

The design of consciousness is unfathomably mystical. Success can be defined by the individual, but it is best according to the designer. So Don’t! Don’t break the spell. The endless books about success and what it takes written by so many successful people are always written from their reflection on the past…violating the true nature of time.

The scriptures say a day is as a thousand years and vice versa. A day in prison, particularly if wrongfully charged or convicted, has got to be one of the strangest conditions on expanding consciousness. Sure we all watch movies shouting at what the character ought to do with a sense of urgency, but in reality we rarely behave in such manners ourselves. Its how we perceive the world around us but are blinded to ourselves. Foucault’s Panopticon can be extended to global societal dramaturgical understanding, but cannot be effected upon through literality…

For this reason, a sleeper in metropolis can be the most powerful. Most of you are insignificant. Your dreams become entangled in the system. Avoidance is often the best means of powertheft, yet you fight your insignificants. The city itself is a wasting disease, cursed by an unknown phenomena, to be broken by one, and only one power.

We were never meant to worry the way that people do. Chasing after money and dreams that can’t come true! IT’S MENTAL ILLNESS BY THE SAME CONSTITUENTS OF SOCIETY THAT PLUTOCRATICALLY IMPRISON US ALL!!! IT MAKES US ALL WORRY AND NOT LIVE INTELLIGENTLY OR WISELY. I’ve been watching our flesh and environment deteriorate unnaturally for these reasons.

I can’t do much about it if I’m not connected. But I’m not blind. I’ve been broke for so long. Despite everything I’ve done, I should have nothing to prove, to anyone. Getting a job that’s right for me is like waxing my own balls. After doing what they told me, staying in school. I should left and never came back. I don’t belong here. So I figured if I’m stuck, I’ll change this whole fuckin’ place. Malcom X, by any means.

I resolved that all that mattered was my soulmate. Where I could be someone to someone, with their arm wrapped round me and making feel like I belong. All we’d need is a car to get around, to get away. Just like my favorite movies, from Kalifornia to Excess baggage…so many movies on the open road where people find meaning. Now, the truth is all they find is a fuck ton of state troopers suppressing all sense of freedom.

I fucking have nostalgia like I went to high school in the 80’s and I was raised on the radio. The fucking math learning people are grown up and being fucksticks…I want the guitar playing kids to regain this nation’s sense of freedom, freedom of the soul. Instead people fighting about abortion and screaming at the stupid supreme court, they used to go trash someones car if the refused to treat their sexual partner with dignity. Eventually we’d grow and make peace and go to concerts together.

Wake up and look around you! We’re lost in space and time is our own. We’re on a giant morphing rock shifting its water coverage which is continuously shifting and altering. Nations have very real political and water wars. The sun comes up and shines and gives us the time and energy we need, sometimes drying up our water. I’d serenade you with music, but I’m trying to be literal and pragmatic. You hate it, so for me I feel like I’m a thousand miles from nowhere. Time don’t matter to me, I don’t perceive it the same way as you all. All I keep hearing are the cruel things you’ve said to me.

There was a time when I’d have done anything for love. I’ve seen what people do with music, turning it into gold. It’s Californication. That’s not real music, though. Pop music is known to dumb down the population. California girls are not the greatest in the world, I can promise you this. The only thing needed to prove it is the girls from the more remote places of the world to open up and demonstrate what real womanhood is.

I just take issue with what you’ve done in your life. I mean tell me, do you wanna fu*k with me? Nobody’s gonna ever beat me. I can be the baddest mother in this joint. If you wanna fu*k, lemme show you how!

There is no choice I belong to your life, because I live to love you some day. You’ll be my baby and we’ll fly away. I’ll fly with you. It’s been sad lately though. The story’s been missing a wishing well, no mirror to show and tell, no kiss to break this spell. Every princess was a fantasy, no love to wash away the memory.

For these reasons, I’ve asked this land to be held in escrow. To wait and witness, let the people decide if they want heaven, the real deal, or las vegas, the fantasy. Even in its darkest state, all the beauty I see, all the beauty in this world, is nothing compared to you, your souls, your wills, your spirits. The bumper sticker downtown to make america goth again, wow…just wow!

Its with these 69 eyes I’ve stood along my watchtower. I’ve played the jester and stolen back what was stolen from me through legal methods, deceptive trade practices misunderstood by the very personnel responsible for upholding the law. I’ll take their law and throw it away. It’s all money seeking foreplay anyhow.

Sincerely, to you all…be my people, die here with me, and I will live among you. Understand me, and why. Who’d ever mind to disagree? I’ve traveled the world and the seven seas, and know what we ought to seek. If not, I have to run away and save my own life. I think about you all the time. When I woke up this morning, you were on my mind. It’s caused me lots of troubles.

I’ve been walking on broken glass. Cuts through bone, makes it hard to leave you alone. I suppose I’m a lost cause. I’m in misery as old as your omens, but I know we all share the same mother, the same father. Them, it, he, she, is, was, will be, ours, ares, many, one, e unum pluribus.

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