If everyone was a millionaire…

Who gets hurt if the govt. prints more money…

Does hard work pay? Physical labor or manipulation or structural level re-programming / development won’t affect the value I receive for my labor?

The money is flowing! Does the flow happen fairly?

When someone gets a good deal, value-wise, doesn’t the other side lose? Is it these choices that determine exchange of resources and essentially the fate of the world?

Can the current material world support next generation and will the law do so in the face of some uprising or shift in social morality with masses impoverished?

Do high financiers and bankers actually DO anything?

Where the hell do all these math equations come from?

Are elites in the best position to determine future human efforts based on profitability? What about people who actually work in the field?

When will Time no longer measure value and determine income? I’ve made my mind more elastic and quicker than most and go off the clock and care for my mind with meditation and water but receive the same hourly wage as the guy who goes to the bar after work.

Is it possible that, in an effort to live the american dream of a home, family, and relatively consumer based lifestyle, simultaneously engaging in extraciriculars like sports or arts or otherwise, that funding it actually takes longer and is less productive than if we actually just engaged in building homes and organizing our lives and means of production to do so?!!!

I mean, I may never be able to afford my dream home. But I know that if I can afford to purchase land for 40-50k or so, I will be able to able to build it for around 100k or so…that is, avoiding the costs of litigation as a result of being “off the grid” of modern regulation. So what the fuck? I can BUILD my dream house much sooner than I could ever afford to BUY it. Money was supposed to make society more productive toward common objectives. Now its just a giant death trap. And someone is going to tell me to BE happy in a world that they contribute to a movement that makes my personal dreams, which aren’t even in conflict with the consensus, nearly impossible!

I’m here writing this, and its like, what would Edward Scissorhands say about why he’s a recluse or to describe what he sees as dysfunctional townspeople?

In our culture, names are often derivatives of occupation. Smith (iron worker). Culture that identified people based on their role in the economy and skills and abilities. In the west now, so many changes have occurred, often for “blending in” or political or ethnic affiliation. Still, however, a lot of immigrants from India have names that are directly related to their religion (Ganesh). Beautiful people with such a harmonious nature, well intending. They belong in the worlds future certainly, but its hard to see sometimes how an ability to write a computer language and get jobs for thousands of their relatives/countrymen enables them to drive Maseratis in a land made physically possible for such a civilization by slave labor of a race whose general status is still not great aside from general progress in quality of life materially for our nation.

Humanity has a way of not letting anyone break free. Imagine a musician whose expertly figured out how to layer sounds and makes music based on their life experiences, sounds and lyrics and stylistically part of a culture, and everyone loves it and it means something to them-a good time or relationship to a feeling or whatever. Years go by, and its not like a person gets dumber, they get better and smarter and more intricate…but the audience may not be able to relate or understand the new depth, which could be really frustrating for the artist who wants to grow, who, like all people, needs to grow. Its like unfair that the world, especially music listeners in particular in this example, prefers a modest level of intellect applied to the sound, because simplicity is easier to let go to, and dance to. A lot of things lose the fun and enjoyment aspect when they get overwhelmingly complex and intellectual. This is perhaps why musicians need drugs or crave drugs to almost dumb themselves down or who knows what…its personal to them, too personal that I shouldn’t generalize but it serves merely as an example as to how humanity wont let anyone break-free.

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