If everyone read the Bible and decided Christianity was right for them, and the whole world felt some sort of strong connection to it, and the entirety of the human species had the type of faith that Christianity requires, would the world be better?

If the world believed that a single, supreme being created not only the Earth, but also the planets, the solar system, Milky Way galaxy as modern astronomers (astro-physicists) have termed it, or the entire “uni-verse” containing the many other galaxies discovered by modern telescope, how would that change our understanding of the meaning of life?

The one reason that outer space is so appropriately used as a metaphor to describe how Christianity functions is that, so often in the world of human progress (often highly subjective) God is that thing that lies “somewhere beyond” or over the edge or on the brink of impossibility…making the realm of space exploration so symbolic. While the religious forms of most history viewed space as the realm of deities, Christian doctrine hardly forbids any attempts to interfere out there.

So a sort of contradiction is born where God exists beyond the human realm, which was often referred to as any area below the earth but more commonly in the heavens which typically would be in and beyond the sky (according to the development of Christian thought long before the possibility of flight was likely even imagined).

The language above illustrates how, not only is the rhetorical nature of an omnipotent god is. Through people’s thoughts, verbal statements, and other behaviors, this deity is subject to constant change in the form and size of it’s domain (as humans discover more, this miraculous God of Christians continues to be its creator), and the words have to somehow fit into Christian doctrine to keep the religion alive. Logical contraditions are swiftly swept under the rug by the unfathomable ever-changing reason of adherent’s who far too often have no ability to reason on the level of an educated person. Nevertheless, many philosophers and theologians have expressed a level of reason that combines philosophy, nature, time, existence, human thought and experience, and divinity in rational ways that are incomprehensibly beautiful and inner-wisdom recognizes its accuracy.

Aside from a topic less relevant to the daily lives of human beings, how would any major conflict or obstacles to an ordered society be affected positively by uniform Christianity? For one, everyone would travel the globe and see the cross on a lot of gold chains, and feel immediately comfortable with the bearer. The social ice-breaker benefit would be outweighed in a matter of minutes as people begin to annoy each other with unnatural inquiry into the others thoughts and the process of bonding would certainly not go any smoother on average than a world with real cultural uniformity. In other words, religious doctrine relating to man’s existence as the creation of god, or

Which presents the point that Christian doctrine is inherently contradictory, and that the ambiguity about what this God is or does…

People change the meaning of everything as they go through time, usually to benefit themselves if not to at least accommodate for changes in reality so that they may continue to keep their own beliefs in line even if directly contradictory to what was previously said. When a president does this, citizens call him a hippocrate and generally disdain him, but when religious people do it, the ambiguity of words that prey on imagination only play to a religious persons adaptive strengths. In other words, they are savvy rhetorical engineers using full advantage of their imaginative capacities to weave through time fluidly…they never really make a belief known, strong, and committed.

Without regard to whether evolution were a thing or not, it stands to reason that a giant humanity that continues to grow, concerns itself with suicidal persons, has contentious debate around abortion, and cries over killing in various forms (called terrorism or whatever phrase they characterize it based on the perceived circumstances), has a strong value of life…a value so strong that being alive usually and often matters more than the nature of the existence. It stands to reason that persons lik this would become more populous and the likely outcome is that the main ontological sense of humanity as the species travels through time is what will be…and any other belief-set incongruent with placing “life” (and/or reproduction) as a heuristically more-significant factor in all mental calculation will become less relevant. This is not happening, at all.

If God is the thing that makes time linear, that chose that way, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that anyone who tries to push further into the future is God. Does that make me any less God then someone on the other side of me trying to pull the strings in another direction. Are these billions of Muslims and billions of Christians going to go to war again? Are these fucking idiots can use bombs and pretty much destroyed the surface of the fucking planet in a war with each other? I mean if you plan on destroying this planet because of fucking God, then I’m your biggest enemy because I’m not gonna let you do shit like that. Go home sit the fuck down, eat a giant bag of generic Chito’s you get from Cosco and watch fucking Netflix don’t do shit.

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