According to your religion, charging interest on loans to fellow man is a sin. Exod. 22: 25-27.

According to every Abrahamic religion’s texts actually!

Now, it makes sense to incentivize loan giving through the benefit of interest…from a worldly perspective whereby people are known to be self-centered and egocentric, wealth-seeking Judases. It also makes a little bit of sense to justify the rate of interest through an assessment of risk. But a lot of that risk of non-repayment in full STEMS FROM insane interest rates to the point that a loan quickly goes from a reasonable and well-intended effort to help someone into a death trap.

So Loan Sharks are no longer the Enforcers of loans, but the Loaners in the first place—it’s at the point in time that the loan is given that the loaner fucks a loanee…not at collection. Watch your ass when negotiating with people since that smile on their face isn’t their friendliness, it’s the devil inside laughing at how fucked the person their looking at is—the distrust of fellow man grows.

Besides, it’s inefficient, unrealistic, and problematic to view the world in rigid accounting terms. Basically, expecting payment based on deadlines without having the slightest understanding of what someone is dealing with in their life or endeavors (business or personal matters)—infinite things happen that affect a loanees ability to pay. In fact, the most successful businesses that pay off loans immediately are often not giving back fairly to the loaner who made massive dreams possible. Is that fair? Is it fair that someone who slowly builds a long-term stable business that benefits the community for a lifetime pays more interest than one who makes a quick, high-profit turn-around on some rather shady scheme? In the end, the idea is that the existence of currency benefits us all. But sometimes it feels like it traps us all in a game of exchanges of wealth…one that doesn’t always increase the sum of the world’s GDP. The theories upon which so many aspects of the human system are based are out-dated…from an era when racism and slavery still existed. We can’t blame ancestors for false-beliefs, for we possess them too. We do continue to grow and enhance our nature, at least I know many people try. I pray with the deepest agnostic religiosity that we come to develop a sense of unity that we can all embrace.

Until then, I strongly empathize with those seeking reclusion from this entire species, all the while hoping you end up in a position like Marc Antony at the end of Man on Fire.

When I fucking say that I don’t believe in money…its not just based on personal experience, which has provided mixed emotions, like you money believers driving off a cliff in a T-top Thunderbird that you had posted on craigslist for $800 dollars and I was super close to buying cause I’ve wanted one forever. The ultimate results of a money-centered society are yet to be seen.

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