Fuck The Law

Problems with the law run deep…so deep that the legal system has no business in human affairs anymore.

What is the law?

It is the ‘rules of society’…? If so, people in society would know what the laws and rules are, right? Nope. People in every day life have never had less of an idea of what the rules of their own society are as in modernity. The rule-making has been outsourced to a clandestine orbit of “professionals” who are supposed to somehow construct, impose, and reform a system of rules for a generic citizenry which is massive and mostly unknown to them. When, in all of history, have people in a community allowed for issues of local importance and personal or communal morality to be outsourced to a random authority?

How in the hell did the legal system ever gain such a state of authority, particularly when it operates in totally rigid adherence to its rules that, despite having once had a particular purpose, are all too often completely arbitrary as they are skirted around, twisted, ignored, or misunderstood by adherents in the system who can’t possibly keep track of all the rules in their own game. Precisely, the system is a giant bureaucracy with little room for the human touch, except of course when the hegemony that reflexively creates it gets involved. Yeah, that is one way of saying that the law is not applied equally to all citizens as the constitution that established it requires—elites or people with political or local ties ask the people with real power to bend the rules on their behalf.

It is an utterly absurd system created with the ultimate purpose of all modern human life in mind, profitability. Money is the obvious driving force. Lawyers used to be working professionals who learned law on the side of real world daily jobs, and were members of a community who shared in responsible maintenance of issues. Slowly, the role of lawyers became increasingly specialized and sophisticated. Traditional lawyers who handled nearly every type of case are quickly becoming obsolete.

Now, lawyers must specialize in a particular “area of the law.” What for, why did this change? It is of the utmost importance to realize that human societies and human affairs take random twists and turns based on conceptions of legitimacy and randomness of the granting of authority to some institutions and aspects of those institutions over others. Basically, as society has boomed in population, specialization of labor has increased. Does this mean that the legal profession adapted the same way? Sort of…

What really happened is that the law became a “profession” because that is the nature of society…that a money driven society requires social behavior that can be legitimized as “worth it” so the law went from being a source of the institutions of human rules, into an institution that literally just tries to sustain itself by profiting equally or more so than other social counterparts. In fact, the law is more of an industry at this point, where the system is set up using language and its own norms to perpetuate itself through rabbit holes. The rabbit holes are the limited ways in which people in the real world can actually get legal assistance. Law firms are all designed to screen calls and only those with potential cases that can earn them money under the legal definitions will make it past the first barrier.

Is that really what a system of “justice” is about? That is quite possibly the strongest evidence of a widespread mindset of a culture that worships money more than anything else, especially things that ought to be sacred. Justice might be an abstract concept confounded by moral relativism, but there hovers some similar essence to every civilization that has ever endured through any length of time.

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