Elon Musk is Obviously A Fraud

For a nation to allow a foreigner to control more of their financial resources and infrastructure than 99% of the population is the most insane thing in the history of the concept of a nation since its inception at the dawn of any human civilization. That means those who work for a living, plotting along to make money to one day have enough to do whatever in the hell they want or retire, which is not looking likely. American citizens have allowed a world who holds up men as gods to control their way of life because they are lost.

Musk recently engaged in an interview with the Wall Street Journal subset called the CEO council. The concept of a CEO as a manifestation of the corporate world, a fallacious man-made socio-economic psuedo-legal entity for the purpose of crafting a socio-economic superstructure sold to people who love the idea of a acronym title and a divisive income is something that has gained legitimacy by the public because the public is currently a mass of mindlessness. So, to enlighten the masses a tiny bit, let’s examine several aspects of the interview.

Musk is asked about the role of government in his endeavors. He talks about the deficit in government spending in the several trillions of dollars and explains that it just cannot last. He stutters a lot, but is correct…

Obviously, printing money out of thin air and using it to fund government objectives is a very pro-government and invasive to free-capital action…particularly in the amounts that have been suggested in recent years, relative to the money supply (total money in the world) is by far higher than any fiat currency economy has ever been injected that quickly. Of course inflation will occur, the question is how much, how quickly, and how devastating will the economic consequences be, and more importantly (for anyone who sees past economics and into real life) is how devastating the social consequences will be and beared in what manner and by whom.

Next, however, when Musk is asked about what the U.S. could do to improve infrastructure, he suggests “better airports, better highways, um….and uhh ya know I think eh eh eh, ah, especially in cities that are congested, we’ve gotta do something with extreme traffic, which I think is some combination of double-deckering freeways and building tunnels.”

First of all…the guy has already been involved in proposing to build underground tunnels in Los Angeles to help people get from the San Fernando Valley to Downtown or other parts of LA that are large commuter segways. In them, he expected to reduce an hour drive to around 15 minute, or some improvement like that or more. This merely highlights that he is suggesting something that he would have a personal and financial stake in. What a shock!

Second, this suggestion is fundamentally the same exact thing that politicians have suggested since the advent of the automobile, but probably dating back to the ancient silk road of Persia 300 B.C. Road building and speed of transport in the physical world as the solution to the worlds ills? What an enlightened being Mr. Musk is! We ought not to be glad we live in a world of Billionaire g0ds with such brilliant ideas like this. Its an old business trick to outsource as many expenses as possible to maximize profits, often by getting the government to take responsibility for something required by private business…of course this only takes place among people who play the game of monopoly and human faith/selfishness in capitalism.

Third, addressing the nature of traffic by suggesting to increase its speed and pace through expanding highway space is like synthetically enlarging the human heart. Trying to draw linear logic to that metaphor is absurd, which is why you are struggling. All you need to know is that it makes no sense what the hell he’s suggesting. The idea is that the national economy is so deeply affected by traffic conditions. We all know that time spent in traffic is time lost doing something else, we should all learn that cities across the northern and southern and western and eastern hemispheres have been “expanding” roads for many decades now, and the result is always inevitable congestion. I think there’s something about humanity’s quest for unbridled expansion of this planet in the form of maximized population of the species at the cost of total extinction because they are blinded by the idea that money is an accurate measurement of the state of godliness among the entirety of the human race.

I have lived in one of the stupidest subdivisions of human thought (which I attribute to its isolated geography), Minneapolis. Most of my life and I have been witness to insanity beyond comprehension when it comes to a city that continues to under-forecast its growth in population and redesigns roads and freeways which alone cause horrible traffic during long periods of construction, but ends up being “completed” and remains horribly congesting almost all of the same hours. The reason there are solely winter and traffic seasons in Minneapolis is because of money. Something pertaining to contractors savvy or corruption with the city…something along those lines, I don’t bother to examine further, I get the jist.

Back to Elon. The man is obviously losing his senses because he never sleeps and thinks he’s somehow some elite-being that doesn’t need sleep and so he ages like a stressed out pregnant homeless teenager. But worse is the suggestion of the idea that expanding traffic infrastructure as the means to creating a better world and national economy is completely off-based. American society cannot keep using the same perpetual answers to the same dilemmas without reconsidering what the real, new issue is.

We live in a world where no two points in time are ever identical. Some, perhaps many, issues are recurring and can be dealt with the same way as before. However, we are reaching a point when traffic needs new solutions. Better solutions include redesigning the nature of our zoning…reconsiderations of space and our collective relationship to nature, agriculture, living spaces, and one another that is not necessarily more sustainable, but more appropriate to what we actually are. This will require a massive effort to increase consciousness and fundamentally redesign our view of the purpose of earth and what future we want for next generations. This generation is nearly the most self-identifying and relative to many millenia…but from boomers to zoomers, individuality reigns supreme, and of the various cultures that share eternally and existential identification, the bounds and specifics are not brought to the surface enough to make much of a dent against the current (oceanic term).

As the country developed, zoning was implemented based on basic ideas of the past generations understanding of life. They had a very male dominated, work/home life distinction and zoned industry and homes differently. Thus, the result was commuting. They were also part of a more homogeneous society which I argue contributes to cohesiveness. Nonethess, the post-war building efforts of these buffoons never expected the world to expand so utterly quick as millions and even billions of people would adopt similar conceptions of legitimate city structures and the nodes of human civilizations (cities) would become so uniform globally, particularly with medicine and infrastructure being shared so willingly. Sometimes an otherwise great thing has long-term negative consequences.

Now, we have to take into consideration our current reality. We have an environmental reality that is unavoidably bleak and will require reduction in CO2 emissions. That is, unless you want to watch your grandchildren literally die a horrible death from cancer or poverty from a government that cannot keep a sustainable infrastructure afloat. Picture strained hospitalization and care systems that aren’t financially incentivized to continue, a workforce that can’t support more than half the population, hundreds of thousands to millions of people displaced from sulfur seepage after floods caused by glacial melt, coming to new cities to find new life, endless straining of resources, while crime goes unpunished because it detracts too much energy from the more important survival factors of this globalized society. For a detailed explanation on the severity of humanity’s environmental impact, see https://www.everythingconnects.org/the-environmental-crisis.html.

That being said, it is critical that society restructures itself in ways that “kill many birds with few stones.” Working from home has increased drastically since the Covid pandemic started. Although absurdly conspiracy-theoretical, it is possible that the leaders of the world created Covid in a lab deliberately for the purpose of reducing an aging population and forcing people to stay indoors and reduce traffic (CO2 emissions) while simultaneously buying time to develop new social systems. Unethical as that is, from the perspective of regeneration its successful.

Nevermind working from home, however. The fact of the matter is that society is set up based on conceptions of individuality and personal property rights from a generation of baby-boomers whose entire existence got us all into this mess. Material growth, industriousness, interconnected global production systems, are all great things primarily. Unintended consequences and a generation or two later, unique scenarios reveal themselves. It is due to the highly individualized nature of our modern/post-modern society that everyone has their own car and their own ‘control’ over their schedule…freedom. That control is limited by employers who are also just part of a sub-construct of reality…basically the idea of the 40 hour work week stemming from the baby-boomer era. That number of hours is sadly applied across the board to society’s workforce, without any understanding of the varying roles or caloric output of those roles.

It is really absurd and the division of labor has become ridiculously unfair to large portions of Americans and I wonder and am in constant awe of how wonderfully humble most of them are for putting up with working conditions that really should be completely unacceptable by anyone who realizes this is the 21st century. Thus, there must be some sense of national identity and social cohesion that permits their exploitation. In an ideal future, this would be converted into either some public transportation system that reduces CO2 emissions and traffic time altogether, in conjunction with redeveloping zoning such that people are not working in one part of the city and commuting to the opposite. We all know why they do this, money.

Money is the true source of every behavior in western civilization. It will inevitably be its downfall, and Elon Musk can’t pay enough to do a damn thing about it because he doesn’t understand the real dilemma, money as a predominate influence over humanity. Humanity’s only chance at a sustainable global harmony is the disavowal of money and proclamation of universal love as the new dominate force of all activity and shared spirit. Until then, he will build bigger roads so more cars full of new generations of teenagers and aging boomers can share them and burn fossil fuel at ever-faster rates while commuting across town every morning and back across town every evening. And God has given them that right.

American’s obsession with automobiles stemmed from a sense of personal freedom, escapism, and a relationship between man and technology. How in the world can people feel this way when gridlock traffic is everywhere and if you want to be free and speed at your whimsy on an open freeway, you will get pulled over by a cop at all hours of the night. Its absurd. There is no joy or freedom through vehicular travel anymore. Give up the notion, its done. Obsolete. Kaput. Bidened. Meaning Elon Musk can find something else to do and get rid of his car manufacturing business and maybe learn something more valuable about how to help the world truly.

The same delusion applies to general views on economics and obviously social life as well. Ultimately, humanity goes through time and develops and alters social constructs around every aspect of life. For example, when people discuss tax policy or the role of government, their fundamentally separating the individual from the state, one person from another. It stands to reason that the “we” from “In God We Trust” be re-established. It is supposed to mean “the people” since the power of the government is derived from them. Contrarily, the reality of the current situation is that the billionaires, CEOs, and government actors involved in the decisions about big budget spending is being undertaken by everybody except the people!

We are all humans, but certain actors in our socially constructed reality (which is a morphing through history) have little to no real understanding of their role in the larger context of the world. Instead, they act mostly according to “who they think they are” and how that role has typically been played throughout history, what ideals and character attributes are embodied in the concept of that role. Research Erving Goffman’s Dramaturgy to understand this concept more, but understand primarily that human beings are essentially just bodies…living creatures roaming an Earth…the rest is just the subjective reality they create.

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