Anubis on St. John’s Basketball loss to Iowa State: “lacking Magick”

St. John’s University took on Iowa State in Basketball today, Sunday, December 4th, 2022 A.D. surrounded by empty, frozen cornfields. The Staten Island based team failed to celebrate the birthday of their neighbor and supporter Jay-Z with a win, despite some tough buckets by Pinzon to give them a hope and a prayer of a late-game turnaround. Sometimes, its all too-little-too-late, as Anubis knows and reminds us on his occasion. The head of a jackal and body of a man knows more about death and a thing or two about headlessness too as he predates the original John the baptist, beheaded at the request of Herod’s wife. Symbolically, headlessness represents insanity, likely something the world of order and structure, progress, presumably detest. Naturally, a king wants perfection and order, a nicely fitting organizational hierarchy of which he obtains dominion over. Similar themes can be found in the protestant reformation, a brutal attempt at “civilizing” the Irish catholics who more accurately simply find peace in the moment and joy in the natural world. Paganizing the connection between the natural world and true spirituality, St. Johns University was founded on similar conceptions about civilizing “underprivileged” youth with moral education to accompany the intellectual one that comes with academics. Semantic art aside, the current St. John’s arsenal of basketball players display incredible amounts of skill and basketball acumen. A slightly above statistical shooting percentage in their home arena gave Iowa State a nice cushion-lead that couldn’t be matched by typically beautiful sleight of hand by the Red Storm…a story of some unfortunate bounces and existential time constraints. Fortunately, Anubis won’t weigh their hearts yet as their God forgives more than game clock did today.

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