Absolutely true statements that society will deny

*Sexual purity is simultaneously protected and diminished.

*Sexuality and meaninfulness of bonding is overran by societal forces external to the individuals involved.

*The legal system has transformed into an dehumanized industry in a culture that holds the almighty dollar above all else

*Capitalism has turned the globe into a plutocracy, most certainly related to the destruction of the natural world and ultimately ecosystems upon which all humanity depends

*People love songs with lyrics about thing that, when spoken about literally in-person, they detest hearing

*Depression is not a disorder, but a true emotion based on human experience, and its assertion as a clinical problem does nothing to truly heal a person…its merely the institutionalization of what is normal and proper by authoritarian views that refute objective truth for profit and deeper beliefs in their own righteousness

*Technological creation takes place in a historical context and therefore tends to be utilized for purposes of extending power structures in place at the time of development

*Human beings are created with certain inalienable rights, that many members of the United States governments do not recognize or care about

*Actors within our social framework are deprived of the true depths of their infinite nature by feeling forced into a false narrative of life—termed social identity constraints. Human beings have infinite souls that get suppressed by false narratives and historical creations that were implemented for good and become corrupted or outdated.

*Some problems are societal and structural, and no amount of individual adaption can improve their condition

*Individuals are not always, entirely responsible for their situation in the world, neither are the wealthy capable of achieving things beyond the collective capability

*People confuse people who are angry at evil, with having the character quality of being angry and evil

*A society that is reified on falsehoods or half-truths will inevitably have to suffer the consequences of being founded upon lies

*Traditional American’s, Christians, support capitalism as the best socio-economic system, despite being poor and working class while the wealth gap in their country is the largest of all time…and despite capitalism in America being self-aggrandizing contrary to the humility and ascetic nature of Jesus Christ, himself. This contradiction must be resolved if the Christian world and society itself is to survive the fall of American economic systems. The interdependence of systems tends to make vulnerabilities greater, but this goes ignored because of ideological belief. Thus, harmonizing the state of group consciousness into something more rational and reality-based is a good thing, but something tribalism and spirituality ignore, which ought to be reconciled and can be quite easily.

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