WTF is with Rantangent?

The world is bad shape…existentially. Humanity is facing many serious crises, most of which go completely ignored as beyond the realm or capacity of individuals to deal with. Problematically, established institutions, having been formed from a prior era with little understanding of the future situation being created by their quests, are ridiculously unequipped to deal with many existential realities as well. The roles of governments are in constant flux, and industries only adjust when it is in the interest of profitability, constrained by the deepest principles of prior generations. The language of roles negates the fact that we ultimately live in an interconnected society.

Reflexive modernity. That is the term used to describe the state of modernity in the global world by sociology. Fluidity in time by human civilization at every level is entering a perpetual state of alteration. Yet, sociology lacks a legitimate profession in the world. Though utilized, it is undervalued in its potential for understanding. Evolutionary biology, psychology, psychobiology, oncology, virology, and the entire realm of financier jargon that use semiotics to display some sort of moralistic role as an illusion for what is really a legitimacy tactic in a money-centered hierarchic world, is sickeningly obvious. If it were truly and predictably valuable to divide labor for the benefit of humanity in such manners, no worries. That is not the case, and it is actually further indicative of the gravity of the earthwide situation.

I know what laypeople are thinking, like you, probably assuming the world is always constant change and this is no big deal. Actually, as much as your self attempts to soothe itself, it is not that simple. Develop an academic level of sociological understanding before you assume your lay intellect is sufficient. You do that shit repeatedly, but when it comes to you making money in your profession, you are equally skilled at legitimacy your own unique professionalism. To call it professionalism is to undermine the true reality that you are simply justifying your own worth for personal gain. You, and your co-cooperators are mere actors in various subsets of human society, distant from the ultimate source…and your skills at justifying self, when the benefit comes from some others you may or may not be aware of, is simply denying the true nature of relationships through illusion.

Objective truth requires more than honesty and integrity, although those qualities are a must. It requires a deep understanding of human thought and the transformation of society through time, and an ability to use language from a science that focuses exclusively on society with an absolute requirement of objectivity. Humans are imaginative little creatures, and the monetization of all life across the planet is certainly not what the Bible had in mind when referring to God’s desire for the people to “fill the earth and subdue it” (Gen. 1:28). Does the digitalization of every transaction, tracking every movement of every person, monitoring nature and all its inhabitants, authoritarian dominion by bureaucrats with institutional titles covered in layers of legal obscurity, and the mapping out of all future earthly ethnographies seem like something any God would want?

In rantangent, these questions and many more are addressed, including:

The nature of money, and how it became the strongest stronghold over human consciousness since its invention. This is a very common theme throughout rantangent, since money has permeated every motivation of every behavior of every human, and ultimately lead to the creation of an interconnected world without regard to any real “will” of the people.

The nature of government. The United States of America has dramatically shifted its role in the world and particularly in its relationship with its citizens. While we don’t think of America as fully-fledged into surveillance capitalism, this focus is on the federal level. Local governments and municipalities have immense power and have signed millions of contracts for video and digital surveillance of its citizens. Due to its novelty, the ethics of any of the actions taken by the government or its contracted actors is unseen. This extends into agriculture, where GMOs have been more than increased in recent decades, they have become the norm. The government is supposed to be responsible for protecting its citizens, but do they?

Law. Backed with the duo of sociology and law degrees, rantangent will address the interplay between these two realms. Law has become a completely obscured thing and true justice is harder to find than ever, jeopardizing our entire society and so-called nation. The nature of the legal profession has become an industry, sickeningly so. I know middle class white suburbanites hate the liberal Black Lives Matter movement, which is undeniably tied to corporate American elites, but shouldn’t we be able to trust the objective legal standards established in the country? The ‘rule of law” as they say…Find out how the law really deals with racial tensions only at rantangent. (Hint: they suck at it (on purpose?) and your world is going to suffer, bad).

The Bible. What runs our world? The Bible, the Constitution, or something else? The truth is that money runs our world. But it says on the money that “In God We Trust.” So maybe its God, but who is the “We” on the dollars? If society behaves as though all the people elsewhere in the country are just a bunch of no-good nobodies, do we even have a citizenry? The state of American identity is in serious crisis, and the answers to keep it from turning into Europe who will never escape their horrible identity crisis can be found herein, but in time.

The Christian church is troubled. That includes the literal church and the figurative one. Biblical literalism is irrational, and in its insanity lays a threat to the future of human civilization because of the absurdity with which people reason, rendering their real world capacity to help others and interact fairly, positively, and productively is reduced. When we need someone to hand us a wrench for an important project, do we not have the right to be frustrated when they hand us a screwdriver instead with the ever-timely reminder that “Jesus loves you.” The relationship between Christian theology and human reason, and the state of human reality is not merely discussed in rantangent, it gets somewhere…eventually. *I know you “true Christians” are turned off by the language because the simplicity with which you’ve been reasoning in your little minds is being blown apart by reading this, but keep in mind that the thoughts herein are highly influenced by Kant, Calvin, A. Smith, and Durkheim, who all addressed many aspects of Christian religiosity, which is an important thing to do since we don’t live in a theologically-governed society, but a secular one…NOT MY CHOOSING!

Deliberately inserted for discretionary purposes to true readers and find out who has actually done their homework, this text is in fact a call for humanity to put God in his rightful place, because i have beared witness and personally suffered significantly as humans have visibly worshipped everything under the sun. I hope this expands your consciousness and awareness, that you all may take action in communicating on a higher level to rewire our institutions, thoughts, relationships, and understanding of the earth as a sacred yet temporal home to be cleaned and cared for, surrending selfish aspects of identity, morphing instutitions, enlightening the human beings behind them, and reducing anomie as a result of too rapid expansion of humanity’s global empire, recognizing the ultimate quest of bringing about a kingdom where all humanity is in a united relationship with their creator, recognizing science as a tool and its superiority as foolishness. Keeping money its it rightful place as a human created thing to be utilized for just purposes in a temporal realm, given freely—sacrificed for God’s purpose, a mystery so superior to theories about capitalism or communism, that will always provide a way in a seemingly finite world, to the conclusion of no human suffrage, to unity, and to a unity that transcends division on intellect, reason, institutions, constraint in any form, resolves gen gaps, appreciates the moment, endures suffering, and the many infinities that come with acknowledgement 0f and relationship building with God.

Why does it matter? Because if the United States disintegrates into oblivion, can people live? Can they develop a new government? What the heck happens in the meantime?

much, much more. Human conquest of extra-terrestial space, the idols of industry, consumerism, environmentalism, sexuality / perversion / popular culture, and every day stuff, too!

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