Rantangent Mission Statement

Humankind is in trouble. Serious trouble. Across the broadest spectrum, post-modernism is marked by existential crises and a society hellbent on ignoring it. This leaves their fate into the hands of the people who are least apt to change the course of destiny for the benefit of all.

The future might seem unknown, but the general direction is pretty obvious. The last remaining institution that gives semblance of a reified society is a concept as flawed as human nature itself for believing in it. The “authorities” of our world are based on the historical context of capitalism, something that only works if actors in everyday life are self- and money-centered. Thus, we have a global society fabricated on the predicate of the essence of life being money, a magical tool controlled by the people who have the most and are most closely connected to its source, the institutional frameworks of governments and central banks. Personal views on money mean absolutely nothing and cannot overcome the massive dilemma we are facing.

This social construction is in part a natural process of institutions withstanding the test of time and turmoil…but unfortunately, what its created is an ether of power structures—a mega-dramaturgical set of all human life—that is utterly constraining of the human spirit that it, alone, cannot be fluid enough to avoid the catastrophes on the horizon, having been predicated on falsehoods such as the environmental and political-economic stability during which it was created.

In laypersons terms, the society we live in is controlled by a small group of people who made wealth and obtained power on their shared beliefs, they rule over us all, and they cannot save us because they aren’t that well rounded. They simply wanted to make money and build their 0wn happy little utopia because they thought they knew better. Its as if they are cult-leaders on a global scale who have been dictating what is true, real, and proper, for the masses, for so long, that most people in our world don’t even think for themselves anymore. If the world’s a happy pacified place, perhaps that wouldn’t be a problem…but when mass action at the guidance of these people is threatening our soveriegnty, our freedom, our souls connection’s to the universe, dividing humanity from our true spiritual nature, and making us poor by controlling our property rights through obscure legal fictions, its a big problem.

They even use the Constitution to do it, when the Constitution was premised on the necessity of humanity to overcome authoritarianism not merely because we are selfish and want our freedom, but because it is a threat to the human conditions to explore this universe of time and space in a way that our collective hearts are organized. It is our duty to overthrow governments that become corrupt to the ends of what is good, basic human goodness…warm fuzzy feelings of truth, safety, and propriety. Gun rights are supposed to be enforced for this sole purpose, to keep the people from being overpowered by government that will cause abuses beyond repair to its own people.

So, yes, I am saying that you are all on the verge of being responsible for destroying your own country by failing to see the many ways in which our government has failed to ensure our freedoms from tyranny, which is the most Anti-American thing an American can do…contrary to the exact sentiments forming the base of how the country was founded.

Centralized economic control allows for b.s. regulations that keep the American citizenry enslaved and hidden profits to find the hands of elitists. The people need to be aware of the many ways in which centralized power structures outwit them with legal fictions and steal their ability to fight back bit by bit.

The things I am saying are far beyond my own personhood as we consider it in every day life in America. Its not about my personality or whether I use shaving cream or Irish Spring soap. You shouldn’t judge what I am saying by my personal attributes, but by whether or not it is true and based in reality. I am by no means right wing or left wing, I believe race is essentially folk taxonomy and outdated, but if people wanna believe in it and divide themselves, so be it…they will all be such minorities across the nation that the “race wars” will never mean much anyhow. I do believe our politics and bipartisan views are often based on varied conceptions of what the human being is, and differing views on where the national discourse is at a moment. Either way, its all really dumb because the legislatures are supposed to be “us” representing ourselves.

Chip Roy was absolutely right when he rantangented at the U.S. House over how status quo would rule after midterm elections. He simply wants Congress to be focused on caring for the American people again so he and everyone else can feel like a nation again…that is not bipartisan and is a very moral thing and quite a timely statement.

The world is so utterly subjective that when a shared reality crystallizes, its inevitably going to be ridiculously exclusionary. Take, for example the leaders of the tech industry, who have prospered throughout what is rightfully a mere social movement, predicated on the false deification of technology as means of utopian construction…by people who know little to nothing about the concept. As much respect as people give engineers and executives alike in the realm of big tech and evolving human uses of new computing capabilities and software, to ignore that it all takes place within the historical context of capitalism is absurd.

What is interesting, too, is that the project of Rantangent is so easily and quickly ridiculed and diminished by people who support status quo worship of computer engineering as creators of a utopian world. LinkedIn is rife with flaws from a sociological perspective.

If you want to know the truth, Rantangent was started for such a deep purpose that most people couldnt comprehend it with the assistance of shamans, mages, a team of big shot lawyers and professors from the worlds top universities while tripping acid or popping shrooms (which Steve Jobs was known to have done). Most human beings are fear driven followers and this should change. Existing in a perpetual state of worry about complying with collective thought is not existing at all.

I intended to partake in something great. So I started my own thing because the entire rest of the world is utterly lost in their own thing. I’m not that different, however. Like myself, “Rhode says he saw working at Cirrus as a chance to work with ‘really smart people on really hard problems,’ and never imagined he would eventually spend more than a decade as CEO of the semiconductor company.

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