Personhood, Capitalism, Fate of the World

To the extent that a human is a tabula rasa at birth, they inevitably and beyond their control become beings of significant inner falsehoods and competing or contradictory doctrines. This is because identity is socially created, and the person is a production of the indoctrination of ideas of others.

To the betterment of the development of personhood, it can fairly be said that society itself needs improvement to generate such results. Specifically, society must become more “heuristically sound” simultaneous to the development of personhood in reality and as understood by others. Indeed, the consideration of the Englightment period as an enlightenment at all is like a middle school child doing an algebraic equation when now that child has gone off to college as it let loose to not merely find a job or build a career, but become a new entity on the edge of the future of human progress through time and space.

This is why it is utterly frustrating with the repeated assertions aimed at individuals at how they need to change. It is a one-sided, lopsided, narrow, and often inaccurate method that has become normalized by people who really aren’t even operating from an autonomous field of awareness. They actually are making matters far worse.

There will always be a significant blur between any two (or larger number) of entities when considering whether to praise or blame them for the bringing about of a particular circumstance. Praise or blame are subjective interpretations, meaning attached to events that may or may not be mutually shared or understood. Fault is a game that humanity plays because they have become so individualized and experience is shared in less meaningful ways as culture dissipates with the monetization of life. Economic identities are bullshit divides in consciousness that people selfishly engage in largely because they have to under capitalism.

The means and modes of production have been outsourced via legal fiction to an ether that divides them on its own perception, so they are now on their own to earn their own living, not realizing that the nation that binds them is no longer a nation at all, and the money they make hinders the development of a more humanitarian union and renders the shared meaning of real life void. Non-economic relationships might fulfill parts of Maslow’s hierarchy, but they depend on an independent base, when throughout history, the longest lasting cultures shared every aspect of the pyramid. They call it individual freedom, and it comes at many hidden costs.

This matters because the world is indeed in existential crises, and the identities of the people are constrained and limited and unless they wake up into new levels of consciousness and understanding, they will fail and everybody will suffer, losing their lineage for eternity, living in poverty, experiencing interactions that make marshall law seem like a bull market…

…I’m fully aware of people’s tendency toward cognitive dissonance.

It doesn’t stop there…

WHEN TRYING TO CONTEMPLATE ETERNAL TRUTHS FOR THEIR EVENTUAL PUBLICATION IN APPROPRIATE FORM…So as to try to save the world from what I know is going to be a catastrophe full of poverty, death, crime, and further degradation of social cohesion, human spirit, and loss of healthy environmental relations between humanity and nature…

…the people of this world interfere with every waking thought and repeatedly asserting themselves with every conceivable tactic within their power. Such disruption is ignorant of the absolutely critical work Ive been engaged in. This is because in order to explain properly the things of which I have labored intensely, I have to think clearly and independently from the ridiculously subjective/identity-relative thoughts and words of most individuals in modern society. It is this utterly self-perceiving world that is only made possible by an essentially classist economic system which also must be disguised to prevent its displacement.

Economics and finance plays such a significant role in human life, and its unwarranted and unmerited. This is so far beyond individual conceptions of money and its purpose in their own lives, its about how quickly humanity adapted to the nature of money and how we’ve expanded civilizations across the planet on the foundation of scientific materialism to the creation of an utterly absurd world that has no deep collective conscience and is essentially a runaway train on tracks into an abyss. That abyss is most likely disastrous, and should have been developed with more foresight.

Now, to deal with the madness, there has to be some give, inevitably, in one form or another. Before anything can be done about it, the people need to collectivize and grow in their understandings of what is actually happening from a more objective standpoint, which will make it easier to understand individual personhood, and reorganize the species around a more reasonable interpretation of what we are and how we might share. This cannot be done when economics and financial systems rules over our entire identities as individuals, groups, nations, species, or citizens of the cosmos. Money limits our true identities.

The Bible, though interpreted by people within their understanding of personhood, also applies to collective thoughtforms. When Jesus explains, in Mark 4:24, that “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you—and even more”, it is a concept that is universal. A truth that applies in such a variety of manners and ways, which is why Christ said it, to be recorded and serve as a doctrine for the future of humankind that is universally true and actually helps guide us.

Here, it is referenced to explain that financial systems and capitalism (by gobbling up the world and giving people “jobs” in forms that it alone is concerned with and not what is culturally or community-derived through existential meaning or purpose), also reduce our ability to be something else, perhaps something greater. Well, the world is going to get what it deserves if it devotes itself to a limited system. Human’s tend toward complacency, and I am not on board with that.

Still, I know capitalism will dominate with its negative and narcissistic views of the human being. It’s a force majeure of its own, and insurance companies will have to claim that when claimants come in the masses. What they can’t do, is call it an Act of God.

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