Money Metaphysics and World Reality: Unanswered Questions

Can somebody please explain to me the reality and a proper relationship between time and the development of individual personhood as it pertains to an ethical progression of one’s relationship with money? I’ll PAY BIG BUCKS!!!

As for now, it seems that the world takes its children, threatens and thereafter steals their natural consciences and molds them into believing they actually NEED money to live more than anything else . . .

Audioslave – Like a Stone

I could be wrong, but I suspect something is a bit off about the way American culture uses money, the way it portrays money to its youth, the way it affects the human being by converting them into just human and reduces the being to nothing more than a point of processing in an overarching system that doesn’t even necessarily serve all. At the same time, they claim to idealize democracy, which has its own flaws aside from the many falsities that it actually exists.

Getting back to this money thing on an individual level, it cannot possibly be easy for a child to grow up and understand money and how it works, or is supposed to work. It’s gotta be as much of an experiential thing as the infinity of pubescence…I mean, if anyone is being honest and willing to step even slightly outside their own subjectivity.

The world tells its youth, you must make money, you need money, you have to be a part of the economy, you must get a job, and work…and at the same time asks them what they want to BE when they grow up, despite knowing as adults that children have a really limited identity when it comes to fitting into the economy. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, construction workers, manufacturers, chemists, software developers, restauranteurs, and the like. When a child says they want to be a wizard or fairy, or an astronaut, or a veterinarian, or anything that they might say (always exclusively something that has entered their realm of thought through social relations or media), we know the world is going to bombard them into giving all that up and, by necessity, fitting into the increasingly large economy we all submit to, that which is increasingly regulated by bureaucracies through globalization’s great promise of interconnectedness. Funny how that same economy is so adamantly opposed to “identity theft” when their entire system is a giant form of identity theft as it controls jobs and how they are run, requires massive amounts of people to sell family farms as agribusiness dominates the market, leaving them in bankruptcy and their children moving into the big city to become urbanites with liberal attitudes on sexuality and individual freedom while their farmer fathers and mothers scratch their heads in disbelief and slow death.

Is it really fair to impose the concept of money on a soul and simultaneously suggest that they are free?

What would happen if the world abandoned it and people were truly free to move about and organize to nothing but natural law? If we think it would be chaos and violence would be rampant, is there an answer to the violence that the “ordered world” imposes by keeping its currency and resources in alignment by destroying cultures we label as inferior and “developing” them?

And what does any of this have to do with individual identity formation? If you haven’t figured it out, maybe you won’t.

Watch American Greed on MSNBC and see all kinds of stories of people who did what it took to make a lot of money. Sure, you’ll jail them for “crime” but at the same time, nobody says its wrong to want to make a lot of money, its just the methods they say. Well nobody seems to make it easy for us all to become wealthy. If I laid out what I want for my life personally, how do I know if the world would say whether its grandeur or humble or where on the spectrum in between? Would everyone be on board with trying to achieve the same level for everyone if we all agreed it was good? You know, we all make these decisions every day with our actions, but we do so inefficiently by not actively making a system to decide them, like forum or making use of our technology.

When a friend tells a friend (that is to say, two youths who met through the phenomena of organic innocence as their bodies come together in the physical world and their relationship develops as the sounds of vocal tones and the words and their meanings are interpreted in such a manner that their souls actually unite and transcend the world in a surreal manner that only they understand and know) something like “you only need enough to be happy, too much will kill you” or something like “if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense”, or the infinite other number of ideologies about money, is it good?

Will the world and its use of money ever cease? Is it possible to measure the goodness of money as a concept against its divisiveness, against the evil it causes, against greed? Is it an evil person that needs to be sent to jail for fraud, or is it the money system that needs to be analyzed to determine whether its fair in its ability to regulate humanity. Can we fairly blame someone who has been forced to choose between a modest, hard laboring life, given few outs to a better material world or even something like a week of freedom through a vacation, and then punish them when they choose some sort of scam-ish behavior. Or, how about the people who have put in a lifetime on working and striving to become great at something that the world says they can make millions of dollars for doing if they are good enough, and then they become good enough, having sacrificed their youth—to the point that they can no longer fit into the world by sheer lack of shared experience—only to find that the system they dreamt of and was encouraged has left them high and dry. High and dry meaning a body who the world thinks is still young, but can no longer sustain itself in the world that IS.

Is not everyone that is a part of the system a scammer? Everyone sells out the identities of their youth, the stories of their lives before money interfered, to make money…as they were told by an oppressive system. I have news for you, the money this government and its allowed venture capitalists to invest in will fail. It will fail everyone, all of us. It arguably causes more cancer than it cures. It’s disrupted all of our hearts and integrated society based on the idea of labor force, not on the idea of nation, or of religiosity, or of the goodness of free spirit. It’s turned sport, a great thing when it means nations compete in a non-violent manner, or for developing bodies to meet a physical standard humanity can hang its hat on, and turned it into another greed-centric institution that has hardly any room to support the millions of youth it entraps. Idealizing star athletes would be more acceptable and honorable in a time when this globe wasn’t suffering a serious crisis on the verge of expanding human consciousness to something great or more likely falling into a horrendous abyss of catastrophes, both economic and ecological.

I cannot let this world steal my identity by telling me I’m a lawyer, or a doctor, or a hooker, or a secretary, or a janitor, or a waitress, or a white man, or a black woman, or a criminal, or a vagabond, or weed-enthusiast, a coke-addict or an American, or a Mexican, or Gabonesean. The capitalist economy only poses multiculturalism as an ideal worth promoting so they can keep their mental heuristics and the current social order in check. Their half-truths are slowly being unveiled, by things like their inability to answer crisis, as well as their direct relationship in causing them.

If you think this whole rantangent is nuts, then YOU take the time to figure it out. Read Marx or talk to anti-capitalist youths in your city who hate seeing their life dwindle away stuck at a local bar or coffee shop when they know they could be devoting their lives to something bigger if it wasn’t controlled by a system of profitability that often is owned by people who are so detached from their lives and don’t understand who they are or what they want. Or read about Risk from Ulrich Beck. Learn about sociology and its aim of objectivity. Learn about the progression of American culture as it pertains to scientific materialism. Learn about how nearly all non-Western cultures view Wall Street and the President of the United States. Or, get really good at sports and ask yourself if it’s deserving of being a several hundred billion dollar per year industry…if Lebron James is truly a more worthy human being for his work than Ulrich Beck’s who you probably don’t even know. Ask yourself about what bounds we should draw between capitalist and socialist ideals, as the reality is that somewhere along those lines and even transcending them in our lives is more important.

All our lives, identities, and property, is being stolen by money. We are all a part of a system and an economy we never asked to be a part of. I’m upset because I have no say and its left me poor as heck, and the people around me who have made money have done so either illegally or through means I don’t find ethical. What’s worse is, they don’t even see the relationships I am talking about. What’s worse is, they have children who they can support financially while I have never been able to take that chance, cause its been so far behind the 8-ball of personal finance. And I ask myself, is carbonating Coca-Cola actually a good way to resolve carbon emissions that are destroying our planet and health (see what oxygen levels are like across the planet and how it affects human bodies) but also we need to keep the company alive and sell coke and cell phones to Brazilians to keep that profit margins high for American consumerism. IF that sentence didn’t follow proper grammar, its a rantangent, who cares. The whole world cannot speak grammatically any more because its moving too fast and profitability drove it to this point.

Anyone who doesn’t know about the rule of 72 doesn’t know about investing and they don’t know about doubling time. The population of the earth of 7.5 billion give or take and its growing at over 1%, between 1.1 and 1.4%, which means it would be 15 Billion in 72 years. Add in some degree of leveling off reproduction rates as the death rate has declined and we still see projections much higher than what the global authorities are suggesting in their LIES. The world’s leading authorities will engage in subtle forms of genocide to control lifespans and keep their views of global order under raps as best they can. They will fail us all. The only answer is to stop using money and get together and be a public humanity that communicates openly about this crazy shit. Nobody asked for it, but together we can all be a part of making it better for everyone…it’s what the creator wants before it all ends.

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