Kill Me…I’m a lawyer

The right to die needs to be declared a fundamental right by the Supreme Court and it needs it soon, before a third of this country finds themselves in a shit show of a dysfunctional nation, suffering ill health, poverty, and the neverending threat of violence. Human beings should have the right not to live in fear, which could fairly be considered along with the right to happiness asserted in the precursory document to the Constitution which significant predates and supercedes the “legal” “careers” (more like sacrilegious entropic deception) than lawyers.

Having read blogs of lawyers specifying the origins of the saying that to kill all the lawyers is to improve society—something about Shakespeare and blah blah. Unfortunately, the problem in modernity is not the same as it was in Shakespears time. Lawyers are the effectuators of the law, the robots of systems of law created by aspects of society that they don’t know about and don’t care about…or at least not enough, and not nearly enough to do a darn thing to prevent the demise of our nation.

Power structures in America are rooted in financial systems and the utter loss of culture and diminished personhood for the force majeure known as money. In Shakespeare’s time, lawyers were not acting on behalf of a ridiculously inhumane cultural hegemony that might as we be called what it is…a plutocracy obscured by illusions of bureaucracy. Not many practicing lawyers know this or see this…they don’t care. Why not? Because they care about one thing above all else…their own pocketbooks.

Nobody in this world is free from the monetization of all life. Lawyers need money to live, like everyone else…and they are positioned in society to do just that…well. People have no choice when they need a medical procedure to live but to pay the doctors. Lawyers have set up their entire industries to profit off of people in necessity. This is recognizable at the front door or the first phone call…called “intake” when they determine not the viability of cases but whether someone needs them and how much it will pay them.

The endless amounts of literature and online articles, blogs, etc. prove that there is nothing more dominant over the human psyche than money. Lawyers and the legal system is equally as subjugated to it as anyone or anything else. Humanity is a slave to money and needs desperately to restructure how money works and how socio-economic systems work, or face insurmountable disaster a level which humanity has never known…only the dinosaurs know.

So, killing the lawyers would do something important for the world’s sake…render the legal system less “real”. It is a fabricated reality they enforce upon the world and restrict the human spirit anyways. Nonetheless, we can’t kill them out of their own failings as mortal beasts, but we can destroy and alter their mental makeup to make them admit their faults and make them more human…as they were before they entered law school, motivated by human spirit and justice than paying off their student debts.

Daniel Webster said—”Justice is the greatest concern of man on earth.”

Unfortunately, money has rendered this entire planet more concerned with themselves and their financial well-being than with fellow man or with the health of the earth. Lawyers no longer respect Daniel Webster or the various quotes of historic judges…

I was repeatedly inspired by the famous Benjamin Cardozo. This freaking guy characterized issues and opined in such a manner that kept the entire city of New York prosperous and moving forward through time in a very tumultuous era. There were immigrants, ultra rich, ultra poor, working class, religious wars of the same types of sects just across the pond, and he brought peace through what the law is really about…the TRUTH. Speaking the truth and using historic law and the proper principles when they actually apply to provide a more just world, one where people can sleep at night and move on with their lives even if they lose a case. He knew things got contentious, but he understood the human soul and that many conflicts are heated because of the lack of clarity in the law…so he provided a basis.

Most new law school grads are given very little education in foundational principles of the law, and there is nothing to kindle the proper spirit to resolve the matters apolitically and yet with legal acumen like a legal-metaphysical samurai. Oftentimes, law students are utterly determined to fulfill some political agenda, and its inhuman. The legal profession needs people who are aware of what objectivity is, and the trait needs development. That would significantly reduce the amount of times that they find opposing counsel so ridiculously out of touch or extreme.

The full clockwork of the legal system is never explained…only basics of specific areas of law. Its so mistaken that the legal world has become “specialized” and “big law” has become so dominant. The fact of the matter is that law is set up so that even the dumbest lawyer should be able to handle a major case in the most nuanced area of laws, such as patent violations of a biochemical company. Why doesn’t this happen? Because “specialist” firms have created the illusion among the non-legal world that they’d better not risk their company’s future with a novice! Image is everything. The reason for this is simple, they have experience not merely in the actual trying of a case, the legal research or the understanding of patent law…they have an understanding of many other things, such as jury tendencies, jury selection skills, judicial biases, skills in deception or illusion manufacturing, etc.

The entire litigation field is dominated by old people who have made small fortunes by having the golden ticket of a law license for decades. The point is, its not legitimately based on what the law actually is.

The reason I’m saying this is because the profession was supposed to be prestigious. I used to care for humanity and society. I used to go to bed at night and sleep soundly as the stars floated above, dreaming like all the other humans around me were also sleeping soundly under the same stars like we all partake in the same amicable universe and share the same God (generically).

The law and legal system, lawyers, hate-filled intellectuals, self-righteous, corrupt, self-seeking, system corrupting, have ruined that for me.

What they don’t know is that all the money in the world turns to toilet paper the instant a currency is wholly debased because the government falls and society fractions off. They are partaking in the bringing about of such a scenario. They have no idea how to get the nation back on track, how to ensure reasonable levels of personal prosperity, environmental sustainability, and improve the legal system the right way that ensures the empire lasts. They’ve corrupted it all, and let so many innocent people suffer.

The law knows nothing of sociological interpretations of modernity or how their field inter-plays with macro-social dynamics. Though described by Durkheim well over a century ago, the increased bureaucracy with rising populations and population density means nothing to them, even though its the reason for the increasing intricacy of the legal system. I won’t share more until whoever reads this opens up their honest hearts to me and decides to be real human beings, dedicated to fixing the world and serving true justice for the people of earth. Until then, I will continue to watch the deterioration of society which I have foreseen for quite some time. Law students can be career focused til their blue in the face, not realizing after 30 years, they’ll look back and have lost their entire identities, their one body in this one lifetime, given to them, forever. Maybe then they will realize why true justice matters so much and why the law needs the best of the best of the best…not just of academics, but of everything…

Getting a fucking law degree forever has changed my brain chemistry…I take the blame for it when I didn’t expect it, I wanted to good things…I had hopes and dreams of awesome things like helping my community with legal issues or working in music helping bands by evening the playing field between them and the production companies which own them…maybe helping them work outside of the industry setting up gigs in alternative venues and creating our own streamlines of record sales. I wanted to do estate planning between communities of people who could partake in collective action to ensure the security of their estates. God knows being a small-timer and authentic person in a globally dominated world rife with centralized power systems is totally fucked. It is for these reasons I demand a coup de grâce. If you wanna ruin my fucking life, I’m not going to kill myself, you have to kill me…otherwise, I might just ruin your life too…the existential conflict of humanity that the law is responsible for resolving, but because of you, it isn’t.

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