The economy has gotten tight, and its impacting us all. Some people more than others. What’s for certain is that it is not an open, free-flowing, prosperous time for most people. I know that it is for some people who are in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing to capitalize during the final triumph of capitalism. The sad reality for most people is that the global economy doesn’t give a flying fuck about them, their health, well-being, or identity on this planet. Its a machine that’s taking the essential necessities to live across the planet and gobbling them up so they can control and own the whole earth. It’s a legal-oriented version of Mad Max and it’s happening all around us. Supporting nationalized financial institutions is to give power and creedence to some of the most authoritarian and inhuman thought-forms embodied by subhuman agents of Satan.

Interact with people who work in AI software development, and see if you can find some light in their eyes or loving spirit toward the general public, the unknown other. If anything but apathy and false worship of a deity of their own creation appears, take a closer look. Immense power has been placed in the hands of people and groups who simply do not deserve it, for they are not well-rounded enough as beings. They might be able to generate software programs for recruiting labor for the hidden agenda of the elites they work for, but they know nothing about fair human relations, treating fellow man with dignity and a sense of one another’s independent sovereignty.

How, then, can they craft a technological-based framework for all human relations? Essentially, this is what they are doing, and its something that assumes the propriety of the capitalist system which underpins its creation…they take capital (venture capital/bank or government lending, whatever the hell you wanna call it since financial nomenclature is merely indicative of the loss of real human culture), and use it to reinforce dominant systems. Perpetuating inequality aside, the fact that humanity cannot move through time without first destroying the ridiculous constraints to our identities via economic controls, is sickening beyond comprehension. It’s demoralizing to what we all really are…infinite beings that need to mature and grow and build what is supposed to be a peaceful, loving, fun, safe, world that overcomes trauma, divisions, and false progress.

Nobody knows this about ancient Egypt, but the fact is that the pharaoh system lost its control over the people quite quickly, because they corrupted what was sacred. There is evidence of this in the sizes of temples, having been significantly smaller late in the new kingdom, with damage by human hands, weapons. There was what we would call graffiti, etchings in stone, expressing negative sentiments toward the pharaohs. The people hated the system because it was corrupt, couldn’t provide peace and prosperity, led to divisions, and who knows what else…what is key is that it ended after being an empire for well over ten times the age of the United States or the introduction of capitalism. A big part of what is akin to what the users of material wealth in modernity are doing…lying. The pharaohs originally built their temples on shared collective conscience…all the people involved believed in their system of worship. That deteriorated and turned into paid labor and the pharaohs ripped the people off. This is known from village remains near to major necropolis, scrolls on papyri of the laboring class stuffed in the orifices of mummified serpents.

Having an extensive sociological background, I know how societies function on levels and from perspectives largely incomprehensible to people outside the field. So to share things, I often have to educate, but am always so happy when people “get it” which they usually do and its fun to share knowledge and feel like someone else in interested in these things. But its not a mere selfish perspective, its one that is certain about how horrible the current human predicament is. A very rigid global economy can steal the identity of an entire generation, unable to live their lives in meaningful ways for them, to them, by them. All for what? So a few rich assholes can dominate the whole earth and destroy all this is good and sovereign under our divine nature.

If you want to say I’m an idiot and justify your world, let me ask you: Is it better or worse for you and the economy if I work as a bailiff, court reporter, barista, or tennis coach?

I graduated law school, but find the legal industry wrong…why? Because it is an industry! Its the law, not supposed to be an industry, its supposed to operate above the level of industry, keeping things in propriety for the peace and prosperity of the general welfare, but law is utterly dominated by the human psyche which puts money above all else.

For me, personally, I would be a tremendous litigator, but firms won’t recognize that until I’ve been with them for 12 years, which can’t happen if I can’t get with them in the first place. Why can’t I? It is saturated…and unfortunately, our country and economy are dominated by things like “its not what you know, but who you know” because it is a corrupt political-economy. The people who are aware of this have the attitude that I’m naive and “welcome to the world, buddy” sort of bullshit, but what they don’t know is that my background is far beyond their entire identity…I know they have played games their whole life trying to get somewhere. The whole world has done this, and now the world is in really bad shape, they jeopardized the sacredness of life on earth to get ahead in the material world, and now their likely going to pay the ultimate price with their own lineage.

I never cared about practicing as a big law attorney. When I started law school, I thought it would open lots of doors to work in any setting and be a productive and critical member of any place, providing real and tangible value and not merely profiting off of people who are in a desperate circumstance, especially not without regard to whether or not I actually achieve some sort of improved result for them.

My sociology background is far more valuable than the world acknowledges…it systematically and scientifically understands the social world on a level most people can’t imagine because they spend their every waking moment of existence in their subjective identity.

In our economy, however, I am ridiculously limited and divided from my own humanity. I went to law school to really help people know and understand law. Heck, I wanted to be involved in music production and work with bands. Even their whole industry makes it impossible for them to succeed, but they won’t turn to me for help no matter what I do or say. Makes no sense. I figure I’ll just wait til humanity suffers more, and more, and more, until it gets so bad they have little to no choice but to turn to me for help. They will turn many other places as well, but won’t find help. To solve a problem, the problem must first be identified accurately, and that is something that requires a well rounded person with background in social sciences, law, and fully aware of deeper metaphysics than most witches or priests can only touch the surface of.

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