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Thanks to globalization and humanity’s insane journey toward universality, I found myself watching a youtube video of the Great Dick JP about intelligence. Human beings are not equally endowed with intellect or so he says. The concept of IQ has been reiterated, reframed, and reinforced for many generations now…more for lower IQ people (ya know? cause they breed more…jk).

If he’s correct and human beings are not of equal intellect…then what? What the fuck are we supposed to do then? Divide them up by intellect and kill the dumb ones? haha, NO! That would be really stupid…making the people with higher IQ the stupid ones…but alive…creating the same situation whereby stupid people outlive intelligent people…because they fail to realize that life is more than intellect and IQ is a silly thing that operates as a tool of measuring people but never really works that well. IQ tests used for military divisions is because the leaders of the military don’t have time to train newbies. Humanity always has to deal with how much time and energy to invest in new people…it is a difficult question and most often they err on the side of not investing…I love people who opt for the opposite approach.

The truth is that different organizations have been trying to measure IQ for the longest time and cannot figure out a great way to do it. Intelligence tests are just as complicatedly unreliable as the concept of IQ itself. The fact of the matter is that while people are of different degrees of mental capacity at different periods of time in their life, it depends on many factors and faculties. One particular aspect of what we perceive to be intelligent or smart when we witness it, is someone who is doing something they are already familiar with. Alan Watts describes the nature of being whereby we are most likely to be successful with something when we are “one” with it…he says “to be really with it” is what makes someone become great at something. This is how and why people who are even autistic or have learning disabilities have done some remarkable things in the realm of creative intelligence. It is nevertheless a human-conception to define greatness and so much of it is socially constructed…it would be nice if people knew that even if they don’t become great, its important that people are really in tune to what they are doing because it is their best chance to be great and its the only way to be anyhow. People should be in inner unity and focused in everything they do. The Bible even references this in various passages, actually many passages if interpreted in such ways.

Take Kyrie Irving, for example. We recognize that he has incredible basketball “talent” but the deal is that he has also trained incredibly hard and put a lot of thought and had help with his game from coaches over many years. So, now, when he plays it is almost second nature for him and he just does it. It is important to note that, in the beginning, the information and skills had to be explained to him and he probably had to think about what he was doing consciously and then do it repeatedly until it became automatic. Now we can say that he is a great basketball player with great handles, but he probably had to train forever to be able to do that…and at some point, he has so many skills that he can have fun with it and do things in different varieties and it becomes really enjoyable for him to play. Children start off playing and learn…difficult things start off as work, and then become play as they become second nature. I’m sure def leppard didn’t sound amazing when the band first hooked up, but in time, they started making girls rock boys by the tens of thousands.

Sometimes people say basketball players have a high “basketball IQ” and its like, Yo…this is true, but its going to happen for people who pay the most attention and figure it out. If we say Kyrie Irving is super intelligent because we watch him make smart, split second decisions on a basketball court, are we getting an accurate measurement? No, because it is something he is already familiarized with, and the human mind (universally) makes decisions quickly with familiarity. Sometimes, the mind makes decisions BEFORE it realistically should, because of a scenario that seems familiar. This might be called bias…a pre-conceived notion upon which a determination is made without actually obtaining the full analysis required to make such determination. But I digress to Kyrie’s IQ.

If we watched him in another setting, like in your kitchen making a grilled cheese, we probably would find someone who has little to no intelligence. He doesn’t know where you keep your cheese, which drawer the knives are in, whether your butter dish is in the fridge or on the counter. He will probably flip a shit if you keep your bread in the freezer like some people do…he’s not gonna want to defrost it if he’s hungry. So, when he’s fumbling around and dropping things, are we gonna say he’s smart and has a high IQ? If you keep your butter in the fridge, he’s probably gonna have a hard time peeling the wrapper off the cold stick of butter, and if he is impatient he will probably rip it and while most of the wrapper will come off, there will probably be a tiny piece of it still stuck where the corners are folded into the ends of the stick. He might be lazy off the basketball court and not even take the time to get it off of there. He probably will just chop some of the butter off with a spoon if he can’t find a knife and drop it in the pan. Who the hell knows if the sandwich will turn out any good…he might burn it or not cook it at the right temperature to get the cheese to melt thoroughly. Do you want to eat a grilled cheese when the cheese isn’t even melted and the toast is burnt? Dont think so. And will he clean the kitchen or leave a mess? Odds are he will do a half-ass cleaning job and there will be butter on the counter, a dirty pan in the base of the sink, and a piece of wrapper still on the stick of butter when he puts it back in the fridge. And just think, people admire this guy greatly!!!

So, as we can see, IQ is kind of a senseless statistic if people can get really good at something through training, and they will suck at things they don’t know how to do. I could elaborate, but I am actually getting tired…I was laughing too much during writing the previous paragraph and now I am exhausted….hmm, maybe people don’t think too clearly when they are exhausted. Maybe the working class is exhausted and that’s why intellectuals can portray them as having lower IQ’s. Maybe if life was fucking fun, people would be smarter because the brain, ya know, functions pretty well when life is fun. Maybe its dopamine, maybe its a positive productive reality that makes things GO. Does anyone see where I am heading with this?? If so, you have a high IQ…and not that weed smoking high IQ, that uber-creative IQ-type shit…

I’m really just kinda annoyed with the IQ debate…sure, people aren’t created equal or whatever…but there are way too many factor in life to be judging people or dividing them by IQ. Treat a “dumbass” like a human being with potential, encourage them and watch them develop, I promise it works…human’s are all special, not special ed. Once you have put major effort into helping develop people, then you can measure their stats like IQ…until then, think on a higher level. Max out abilities, then worry about the rest of the shit. In order to do that, we need to not live in a world where individual achievement is paramount. It’s great, but we live in communities and as members of wider society … one that needs constant care and attention from everyone. For these reasons, the concept of IQ, regardless of how truthful it might be, serves little to no purpose for societal benefit to examine outside of certain contexts (fewer than most people will likely actually administer to the notion)…which is why the perpetuation from a person trying to reason through it publicly is a dick. There is indeed significant truth to the notion but it is not and never will be whole, nevermind the people’s ability to make real world progress using it. The attempt to provide universal truth to the public is a great and worthy cause, and the openness of a discussion of inequality based on IQ is something we should all tolerate in civil settings. Still, individual’s rights and privileges to share their ideas doesn’t warrant their worship on the level of deity, so the title Great Dick is ascribed instead.

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