An article by a person who I have a crush on “Why Money Really Does Run the World” Here it is:

A Nation that Runs on Money

There has always been talk about how money isn’t everything. That even if you have a lot of money, you can never be truly happy. That love is the most important thing.* In today’s world that is not the case. Money is the only way to actually get anywhere in life. In order to have a job to support yourself and the future family you hope to have you, you have to pay for schooling. As if that isn’t stressful enough, you have to think about saving for your future and having money for the other things you want to do throughout the week.** People may say that money is not the most important thing, but to those people I say you are crazy.***

I am not saying that love and happiness are not important, obviously they are, but without money to pay for most things that are needed in life you cannot be happy. If you don’t have money to go to school to get your dream job, (because without a degree you can’t get a high-paying job) then you will not have a good enough income to get a nice house. Notice I say nice, not huge or a mansion, just nice. A comfortable home where you can raise a family and have a medium sized dog. That is the future most people hope and aim for when they think of life post-college. No one thinks not having a job and living on the streets will make them happy.

The problem is that while students are in school trying to earn their degree there seems to be a huge concern still with money. Instead of just worrying about doing well in school and the future career they are trying to earn, students are stressed with how they will afford all the loans they had to take out.**** Going to school should not be this hard, trying to reach for your future and do something with your life should not leave you feeling this worn out.

How can people feel that money is not the most important thing when it rules everything we do? People cannot get medical help unless there is some money involved. It is crazy how greedy we as a nation are compared to those around us and how money oriented we really are. As a senior in college, I’m working a part-time job just to make ends meet and I still seem to have no money. I feel like I am stretching myself so thin for no reason at all because at the end of the day there is nothing to show for it.***** I still seem to have no money even after working 30 hours a week, I end up being very hangry(anger due to hunger), because I have no time to eat actual food and am therefore lashing out at people who do not deserve it (my parents) and don’t seem to have time to breath.****** Along with freaking out about not being able to afford college, I don’t seem to have enough to pay for the random things that every college student does while in school. I hate the world we live in and the fact that money is so important to have a fulfilling life. To bad that’s the world we live in.

The article can be found at and “has not been reviewed by [the web host] and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator” who is right and hopefully doesn’t stress too much and finds their way in this rat race world full of cats.

* Love is wonderful! The best thing in life is love! If only it lasted more than a month or the other person didn’t rush me into making money (by myself / on my own I might add, not in a partnership in any substantive way, that is)

**Ahh yes, saving for the future. Don’t forget, the value of those savings is hindered by inflation rates and also by the randomness of risk! That means if you experience a hardship like human’s do, your fellow compatriots will gain an edge on you.

*** Yes, naive and crazy and simplistic in their understanding of the magnitude of a global human civilization ruled by profit enumerated by a fiat currency…paper.

**** Getting into debt with student loans is very difficult on millions of up and coming young Americans. The debt should eventually be forgiven, but the “investors” (capitalists who have no idea about the true purpose of capitalism under its origins in wealth of nations as a nation-building policy-structure, not an individual-wealth-seeking-to-the-detriment-of-fellow-citizens-scheme). Universities are the new way for people to make money…that’s why they’ve popped up all over the western world. The idea was to have a future of more educated and enlightened citizens…it might just end up being disgruntled workers…my money’s on the latter.

***** I’m sorry you experienced trauma as a result of the pressures of finance as a person who shares a life course that does this to an entire generation and calls it “normal.” I have a sociology degree and law degree and am quite the armchair historian of past cultures from antiquity throught the enlightenment and into modernity, and I must say that it is not normal at all…only within this particular context. Upper level education is thought to provide an economic leg-up and hardly fits into a real world narrative of meaningful global human civilization—the “inter-connectedness” proffered by pro-globalization people (who are undoubtedly going to profit from embracing consumption-driven globalization.

****** Money not only ruins personal relationships, it subverts all of our relationships and destroys the world through its obscure nature and pinning every individual against every other one in ways they probably just haven’t foreseen yet. Fairytales must dodge many bullets to manifest.

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